Pitch-Control  with the system of  Pitch Master, Pitch-Drive and AC Motor

The SETEC AC pitch-system has been used since 1997, and is based on control by PM-control, PD-inverter, and capacitor energy connected at DC-link. 

Now further SETEC patents are applied to solve problems, if pitch-motor brake fails to be electrically controlled, and/or if pitch-motor without torque to turn into vane position.  

The result of engineering work is increased safety and low maintenance and low costs.


The NEW standard of SETEC DRESDEN.

Standard technology which is already available on the market but additionally we offer highest level of safety at low costs realised by:

exclusive mechanical activation and deactivation of the pitch-motor brake, if electric brake control fails.    

detection of torque direction acting at rotation-axis of  the rotor-blade, and mechanically controlled OFF/ON of brake 

For that the rotor-blade gravitation energy and the wind force is used.


A kick-off of rotor-blade

because of

exceeding speed limit

and unbalance

will become unlikely.