Advanced CONTROL Technology

SETEC´s control system allows simple handling of the wind-turbine. No patch-work of different systems is needed. Design of system does neither include PLC for turbine control nor PC. We have replaced all these components. Our turbine-control has been used at components for yaw-control, pitch-systems, at power inverters and inside wind-turbines for many years. The turbine PC is performing the data collection and diagnosis, but not needed for turbine control.


     System highlights:

High-speed and real-time data-logging at each control-station.

Ethernet TCP/IP for remote data and wind-farm network.

› one single type of control-board at the wind-turbine.

No expensive industrial PC  or PLC needed           

No mixture of components and busses

Direct-bus to each computing station.


We guarantee:

-  High reduction of cost; high reliability;  easiest handling;

-  Most detailed diagnosis and remote control.